Educating Young Students From The Inside Out

Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dancing in thy light

Our new rainbow maker. Uses stored solar energy to turn the crystal that send rainbows though the whole classroom.
We have been exploring in our classroom new ways of using light. We just received a new rainbow maker in our class for Christmas. This has been so much fun. The solar energy is stored through the light shield,  thus in turn propels the motor, that turns the crystal at the bottom, which creates our rainbows. Wow. We have rainbows all though our classroom. It has been so warm and sunny this week in Seattle. We are blessed to have dancing rainbows on the ceilings and floor. It feels so good!  Sometimes I just look up and breath in the beauty with all the sparkling colors. I can imagine the memories that this is creating for my students.
The rainbows are hard to catch from ceiling to floor. 
Another area that we have been exploring is the light reflected in rocks and crystals. We are gathering rocks to build a rock garden soon in our playground area.

These are the rocks that we collected this week. We were washing them, sorting them by colors, size and what type of rocks. 
 I also love to teach children all about crystals, light, healing and energy. We have a crystal basket where all the crystals are arranged in a display like a color wheel. I use the color wheels in many different situations. I like our room to be arranged with rainbows of colors and light. 

This is a beautiful book written by Peggy Christian about how to find a rock. We read this for our morning circle time and then went outside to explore all the many different rocks we could find. 

To conclude today was our full moon party and we created pastel moonlight paintings.The children had a wonderful time making them and they turned out beautiful.

It never fails me how children spark my imagination as a teacher. They also just seem to know my favorite subjects to teach. I love beauty, calmness and light in the early childhood classroom.  

 You might try some of these projects and let me know how it is going in your home or classroom.
Joy to you

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