Educating Young Students From The Inside Out

Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Festivals of the Light

 Today was our last day together in Preschool before our holiday break at the Living Wisdom School. 
Our winter snow altar in our classroom.
 The time for celebrating our world cultures and festivals goes by so quickly each year. I never want it to end. There is something so beautiful and captivating with the early dark evenings and all the lights that adorn the suburban neighborhoods.  I love all the illuminate lights and sharing the "Festivals of the Light"  from around the globe that start in early November with Diwali.

Diwali pinch pots with olive oil to light the lamps. 
Yesterday one of our Mothers in our classroom came to share her experiences as a child and the celebration of Hanukkah. All the children listened tentatively and quietly. They also were about to sample many new delicacies from the Hebrew tradition. We heard new songs, prayers and of course played the Dreidel game. 

Chocolate Yiddish Gelt used in the Dreidel game


These were the little blocks that the children made for their family trees. On each side was a different symbol of love, gifts and with radiant stars of the season. 

His Christmas tree on his package for his Mom . We made many crafts with Christmas trees. Christmas trees first originated in Germany. I share the traditions each year from Germany since I was born there.

This is a double sided felted Christmas tree . The pieces are glued together with a yarn in between the layers, to hang on the tree. We used 'tacky" glue.  The sequins were the lights on our trees.  Very easy for Preschoolers. They love it.
May this season of light radiate your heart and may we share it with all whom we meet.

Many Blessings,


  1. so inspiring! We still have 4 days of school to go until christmas break and I 've gotten so many ideas from your blog to fill up those last days with joy, creativity and Light! Thank you Chandi !!!
    Gauri (Living wisdom school Assisi)

  2. Thank you Gauri for writing. I am glad that things are well and you have gotten some ideas from the postings. I have a few I wasn't able to post, but will try and write this week in between my family gift making adventures. JOY to you.


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