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Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thy winter night bestowing; Saint Lucia Day

Saint Lucia,
Thy light is flowing.
Through darkest winter night bestowing.

Author unknown

 Today, December 13 is Lucia Day and the longest night of the year. This is a celebration we do every year in my classroom and it is one of the festivals of the light.  Lucia seems to have taken on many stories passed down over generations but above all, the more positive role, as a symbol of light in the dark Swedish winters and as a symbol of growth for man. She is a figure who emerged from obscurity at a time when light and nourishment were most needed.

The girls who are selected in cities all around Sweden are voted into this role. They wear the cedar wreath made of real candles and white gowns adorned with tied red ribbons. The young girls participate in local ceremonies, church and village functions. In their individual homes the eldest girl is selected to carry out the role of St. Lucia. The family prepares saffron buns and she rises to serve their families.  Traditional St. Lucia carols are sung. The angelic tone of children's voices and the gentle glow of candlelight make this day an emotive one.

Today, we selected our St. Lucia since she was the eldest girl in our classroom of six girls.  She wore a cedar wreath adorned with soft flannel candles, a white gown and a red sash. The boys wore white hats and carried star wands.

  I was delighted so see the calmness and acceptance that the children displayed this morning. The children took turns while helping to ice all the cinnamon buns and  then served them to the whole school before receiving one for themselves. We sang soft Christmas carols as we walked through our school halls. The children were joyful and eager to help St. Lucia when we walked through the school dispensing our festive buns. 

How often do you see such maturity from Preschool children?  They waited until all had been served before they had the opportunity to eat these delectables.

May the light of this holy season radiate love and goodwill to soul friends throughout the world.

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  1. Hello Chandi

    You have really got going with your blog. It's a veritable mine of information especially about religious and cultural celebrations.

    All the best for the year ahead.


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