Educating Young Students From The Inside Out

Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Warmheart Wednesdays Linkup Summer Family Recipes

This summer has been full of many beautiful memories thus far. One of my greatest joys this summer has been selecting organic produce from our CSA and now our Ananda Farm on Camano Island.
I have had many wonderful opportunities harvesting fresh lavender, kale, and greens this summer.
I didn't pick this artichoke but I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. They are so beautiful in the gardens this year.

The focus today for our link up is: "What are your favorite recipes for the summer with your children?"
 I have just received a new Omega juicer and I am in love with my summer selections.

Here are just a few of them.

I love sharing fresh juices with my family, grandchildren and my students.

Have you summer favorite recipes? Be it juice, or selecting fresh vegetables for a summer meal with your family? 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just getting my feet wet

Just getting my feet slightly wet.

These past two weeks have been filled with loving voices at my home in the Ananda Community.
I have been leading the 5-7 year old group this year in our Living Wisdom Yoga Camp.
I will continue to write about my 15th year teaching at the Living Wisdom Yoga Camp in the next few days.

This is one of our groups doing a Sharing Nature activity: Duplication Game. 
Sharing Nature Activities®
Sharing Nature Activities®

 But for now I am just getting my feet wet as I begin to prepare intuitively for our school year beginning in September. I am exploring my first class with the Waldorf Community and Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie. I met Lisa a few years ago when we were both doing another online class together through Fairydust Teaching. Lisa is a profound writer, teacher, parent facilitator, and mother. I love reading her blogs and experiencing the simple life she leads in Vermont.

 The internet is a golden opportunity to enrich our lives while meeting fellow teachers all though out the globe and I have found it deeply inspiring sharing ideas together.

I am catching up on her latest training late each evening. It takes all my willpower to not fall asleep while reading the materials. Our weather here in Seattle has been so beautiful, and while I am not complaining teaching outside each day in Yoga Camp can really zap my energy levels.

But as the title of the blog today: I am just tiptoeing in the water while thinking ahead for my new class, families, and fall registration.

 But not to soon, I am still feeling the bliss of this beautiful Northwest summer we are having.

Many Blessings,
Happy Summer

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stepping into the light

I have just recently returned from my annual silent retreat that I take each summer. A great Indian saint said: "Seclusion is the price of greatness."  So it is with this spirit I packed up all my belongings, left my natural surroundings, and began to quiet the murmur of my soul.  

My days were spent in meditation, yoga, chanting, spiritual journaling, praying for my loved ones, reading spiritual literature, and for the first time in many years, I'm rekindling my practice of drawing and painting. 

This year was a beautiful time of solitude. I bundled up all my camping gear and headed to a nearby lavender farm.  My heart really wanted to be close to the trees. 

I spent six nights in a small tent underneath large cedar and pine trees. I awoke each morning to nearby forest birds singing a boisterous symphony chorus of various songs. Their methodical melodies joyfully awoke my senses. Each sound was in continuous harmony, gently reminding me that I was Only a visitor to their natural setting.   

 During the school year, I like to teach my students about becoming a part nature's existence. I found it deeply inspiring this year to become so still in nature. So this was a profound journey into the heart of nature each day.  

Now, I am back home into my natural rhythm of daily life in the Ananda Community with a harmonious spiritual family and deep soul friendships. 

 Re-entry from not talking for 6 days can be a little challenging at first. You just want to hold onto the inner silence and peace for as long as you can. 

Next year my goal is try and take two weeks of seclusion. The main point in taking a seclusion though is to draw in the deep inspirations of God's infinite light and his daily presence. 

I have found each summer day upon my return refreshing, and my energy is recharged. 

I would like to leave you with some lovely photos I took during my seclusion and inspire your thoughts of experimenting and trying to take a seclusion for yourself.

The light beckons all of us a home to his guiding presence.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome to Warmhearted Wednedays Link-up

Welcome again to Warmheart Wednesdays. It has been a whole week and time has gone by so quickly.

I want to feature an activity that was linked up last week, from Susan Tara at River Bliss. She shared so a great summer project that could be adapted almost anywhere. Even on a rainy afternoon, this would be a glorious afternoon activity. I love how she turns out all the lights and makes the campfire glowing.

The weather here in Seattle for June has been so beautiful. Our summer is in full swing. Acutally I have lived in Seattle my whole life and I have never seen a June like we have had this year. We are truely blessed.

I was able to join my grandchildren for a fun enchanting end of the year party that their family organized for all their school friends. Truly, I believe my daughter is living out one of her childhood experiences. She was never really one that enjoyed crowds of kids, so she often preferred a fun day at a wild slide park. But as we all have to go through life experiencing events over and over, this was her own magically way of sharing this with her children. A fun day was had by all.

What fun activities have you been doing with your families, summer day camps, family reunions or with close friends. 
Link up this week and share your summer activities. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A time to stop and smell the flowers

As the year ends for classroom teachers, the first couple of weeks are almost a daunting task to actually tell the body to slow way down. How do we do that? How can we actually just be? The school year is divided up into so many single tasks that seem to roll out like a long carpet, that never stops. I like to visualize a palace with the carpet of our tasks filling up the whole castle. The children are the princes and princesses. We are there to serve their needs as best we can.

But now the summer is for us to replenish our mind, body and souls.

I have over the years really loved and cherished the summertime.

 It is a time for me to remind myself that I am to slow down my mind from chattering, planning, and become one with the spiritual energy all around me. I begin to notice nature more profoundly, the birds, the warmth of the sun, and of course lets not forget the flowers. As I slow down I am inwardly more creative. I listen to the whispers of my soul more profoundly and the inner lessons that I am to receive.

I begin to look at my body temple. How can I replenish it as well? How well am I eating, sleeping, and exercising. I am I drinking enough water? I take the time to juice daily and eat organic foods that are grown right outside my door.
The summer also provides me with many opportunities to cook
 for my husband and try out new combinations of ingredients.

I also dive deep in my spiritual life, to journal, chant, and reading spiritual books that I haven't had the opportunity to read deeply through the school year.

  I also find more time to serve others in my family and community.

This next week I will be taking my annual meditation seclusion. It is a time of complete silence. I will not have emails to answer, phones,or internet connections. It is a time to dive deep into the spirit and to replenish my soul for the year that will unfold in the fall.

I am so grateful for this time to slow down and stop and smell the flowers.

In joyful expectancy......
May we all find solace in this season of warmth and inner joy.

Many Blessings,


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to Warmhearted Wednesdays Link up

Since the summer began I have been browsing the internet and posting to my Pinterest page on sharing specific summer activities with your children. I was actually overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin. I have over the past two years been able to share my ideas over specific "widgets", on different blogs, that allow the reader to collaborate their creations together under specific themes each week.  What a great way to expand the love.  I choose Wednesdays as a way to tune into the middle of the week. Though these melodious inspirations from global bloggers, I am hoping to share with all the blessings I have received through linking up to their numerous sites. Many of these are listed on the right hand corner of this blog.

I wanted to start off with a great summer idea that came from one of the teachers at our school. She is a mother of three very active girls.  I just loved the way she mapped out the whole summer with different themes and activities for them to focus on. 
This idea was taken from mom with a lesson plan.
What are your ideas for the summer?  Please
share below.
Until next Wednesday.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo: Sending Summer Love

Yesterday I was at a summer solstice celebration and my granddaughter handed me this tiny leaf. She knows how I collect heart rocks and finding beauty in nature. She thought this could be added to my collection. She is such a sweet and gentle spirit. "Here, Oma, this is for you!" Not thinking of herself, she handed right to me.


   I wanted to pass along the love to you.
 Happy solstice and for a beautiful summer yet to come.  

Love and Blessings,