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Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mother Moon

Mother Moon

Oh mother moon
you are a full moon tonight bring me much spiritual delight.
I stand outside to catch your rays
for they bring me peace and tranquility of body and soul.
I mark your date on my calendar
and wish that your beauty will shine ever so bright
and bit be covered by clouds in the night.
I need your full moon light to enhance my being,
for your moon rays are my soul's delight.


I can't believe that it has been a month already since our last full moon party in our classroom. Since the full moon is today Saturday, we celebrated Friday in our classroom at the Living Wisdom School.  The children are delighted with this monthly ritual. 
Both of my classes were inspired to join in the fun. In the morning Preschool class we made headbands and created night sky collages. After lunch we paraded around the school for our full moon parade. It was a beautiful day with clear skies over Seattle 
The children are finishing their moon headbands. These headbands stay at school and are worn each month. They are made of soft felt and tacky glue is used to apply the embellishments.

In the afternoon Kindergarten class, I choose an activity from one of my followers: Beth a homeschooling mom,@

I had made the stages of the moon and mounted them on card stock. Each stage was numbered.
 The children and I brought our Paul Newman Mint Oreo cookies and matched each stage to the moon cards.  That was yummy and fun.

The second part of the activity was making our moon booklets. Below the moon stage cards were smaller cut out papers for the children to glue individually on each page. These moon stages were numbered to match each page in their booklet.  Now the next time I do this project, I would like to make this process a little simpler for the Kindergarten child. I would break it down in small increments over a few days. 

Ending with the Full moon

Now the fun part of this project had two perspectives that I had not actually planned. When I set the cards down on the table, we marched around the table and visually saw how the moon waxes and wanes. Also in their booklets, they are able to take the book and turn it around and watch the moon go back through the stages in the opposite direction. 

Next month, we will spend more time on the waxing and waning stages of the Moon. 

How do you ever know if you have acceived your goals in teaching to very young children? 

A child said to me today: " I am going to go home and set this in my room, so I can look at the sky each night and match my new moon booklet." 

That was a wonderful idea and one that I hadn't thought of today. 

The children can always tune us into the next step in their learning process.We just need to be open, respective and quiet enough to listen carefully. Isn't this interesting. Aren't these some of the qualities that the "Mother Moon" can reflect back to us?

May this evening moon light fill your family with deep peace, joy and understanding as we prepare for the festive holiday season approaching later this month.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

O moon, O moon

O moon o moon
You are very white,
Everything looks beautiful
Under your light.... 

Tonight is the full moon and another beautiful day in our classroom. I like to celebrate the expansion of children's' spirit and celebrate our connection with the moon. 
Today in class the children began with a calming circle. We all began cooking our moon biscuits together.

Last month, I shared with you how I bring a group of children together harmoniously to cook. It works every-time like magic. The recipe is divided into stages. I make up recipe cards with handmade photos of the ingredients. The children choose their cards. We also talk about how important hygiene and our spiritual energy is when we cook. The children are learning on so many levels.

Thank you for giving your friend a turn at stirring.
 The day continued with our afternoon parade though the classrooms.

She was a bright light today as our full moon.

 At the conclusion of our afternoon together a special surprise of "moon bubbles" were shared. 

The children are able to share the joy of the breath, light, sight, and expansion as they watched their individual moons float up to the sky. 

May this evening bring your family into an inner state of calmness as we feel our spiritual connection with the moon and all that is. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moon light, Moon light guiding our sight

Every month our classroom celebrates the rotation of the moon and we have a "full moon"celebration.

In the Education for Life classroom I want the children to expand their awareness outside themselves.

The best way to start this expansion for the young child is be in spiritual harmony will all of nature. The moon for the young child is magical and mysterious. I have seen over the years and heard from many parents that children have to say goodnight to the moon every night.

I have adapted for Preschool the "moon celebrations" taken from this beautiful book: Kindergarten Education by: Betty Peck.  We have a wonderful time with crafts, snacks, stories, games, costumes, crowns and a musical parade throughout our whole school.

Well its cloudy here in Seattle but I am hoping that you were able to enjoy the moonlit evening with your loved ones through out the world. We all feel so connected on this magical evening.

Until next time......

Many Blessings