Educating Young Students From The Inside Out

Educating Preschool students from the "Inside Out"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

" All The World Is My Friend"

At the beginning of each school year I have taken the words to one of the songs we sing and created our first unit " All the world is my friend". The next few posts will be on these activities in the first unit at the Living Wisdom School of Seattle.

To start the school year the children are focusing on new friendships. In the Education for Life classroom the teachers are creating these new fresh ideas while infusing them with an experience of friendship into their beings. Here is one of the activities from this past week.  Let's start with the song: All The World Is My Friend". Here is the link of that song to purchase. The children sing the song throughout the day during their experiential play and directed art activities.

These are clay beads that are being painted as earths. These beads will be used  to make all the world is my friend necklaces next week
He used the larger format to paint his beads and create his own picture
 I often have the children work on murals together. This process opens up harmony and first hand exploration with team work. They love to come up with little songs and expressions of what it is to work as a team.

Earlier in the week the children made their own individual bodies for this mural. We put it all together at the entrance of the school today. The banner reads:
All the world is my friend, when I learn how share my love"

Are you a teacher or parent? How do you infuse harmony, friendship and beauty into your children's environment? Please comment below.

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